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Why Did Your Visa Got Rejected?
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by Arotic_Visa
Desc :-Your visa might be dismissed assuming you have given some unacceptable data in your visa application structure. -In the event that you have a previous history of crimes against you. -In the event that you apply for a visa without substantial support without prior warning. -In the event that your nation of home doesn't have a decent connection with your objective country. -Assuming you have irresistible infections. -Assuming your identification is going to terminate and needs more clear pages. -On the off chance that you have not utilized a visa recently gave to you without having a legitimate explanation. -Assuming the migration authority tracks down that your aim of getting back from your objective nation isn't clear. -In the event that you neglect to give sufficient confirmation of your qualification. -In the event that you don't have a substantial justification behind visiting a specific country. -In the event that you don't have a decent person testament. -On the off chance that you have not kept visa application rules before. -Assume you neglect to lay out your public vital binds with your ongoing nation of home. This applies to non-worker visa applications. -In the event that you have not determined your visa type appropriately. -The absence of good well-being or travel protection cover may likewise prompt visa dismissal.

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