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12/10 Workers鈥?Republic: Scenes From a Successful Factory Occupation
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by activist Video
Desc :Produced by Labor Beat [] Scenes and interviews from the powerful workers鈥?protest at Bank of America Center in Chicago鈥檚 financial district on Dec. 10, 2008. This protest represented a culmination of labor and community support of the members of UE Local 1110 who decided to occupy the Republic Windows and Doors plant because they were being laid off without legal notice or severance. Interviews and speech excerpts include: Bob Kingsley, National Director of Organization, United Electrical Workers; Ricardo Cacetes, UE 1110 member; Raul Flores, UE 1110 member; Jorge Mujica, Immigrant Rights Leader; Richard Berg, President Teamsters Local 743; Larry Spivak, Regional Director of AFSCME District 31; Rev. Gregory Livingston, RainbowPUSH. 7 minutes. That evening, Bank of America and other banks agreed to come up with $2 million to cover the union demands. The workers at the occupied plant voted to accept the agreement. The working class has now only scratched the potential power it has to change events.

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