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3/13: Obama big bucks fundraiser draws drone, Keystone XL protesters
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by activist Video
Desc :On the 13th of March, President Barrack Obama held a fundraiser for wealthy donors at Washington DC. While police blocked off K st and nearby streets in rush hour, Obama's motorcade had to pass jeering protesters objecting to the Keystone XL tar sands protest, drone murders, and big bucks political corruption. Some of the protesters objected to the fact that those raising in some cases as much as $400,000 had access, and those without money did not. One of the tripod mounted drones was present with the drone protesters. The largest turnout was and others protesting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which Obama can unilaterally block without asking Congress for anything, Through all of this the cops refused to let even pedestrians cross the streets, shutting down one of the busiest intersections in DC to everyone else for the convenience of the Democratic party and bucks-up donors buying access to Obama. [By: Washington DC Indymedia]

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