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Organic Wool Industry
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by activist Video
Desc :[5:13 min] Sleep & Beyond is the only manufacturer of USDA, WOOLMARK & OKO TEX 100 Certified Organic Merino Wool Comforters in the World! We are here to educate people on the countless benefits of luxurious USDA certified Organic Merino Wool Bedding. hand made one comforter at a time. so cozy. so pure. so luscious & chemical free. no PBDE’s, no formaldelhyde, no bleaches, no Volatile Organic Compunds, no arsenic, or other carcinogenic dyes. fully tested & proven… warm in winter. cool in summer. hypoallergenic. dust mite resistant. fire retardant. good for your heart & body. When you think about getting a great night's sleep, let Sleep & Beyond Organics bring a smile to your face! Please visit us at

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