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Malcolm X: A Problem of Human Rights
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by activist Video
Desc :In July 1964 Malcolm X attended the second meeting of the Organization of African Unity, which had been formed in 1963 to bring about joint action by the independent African governments. The OAU conference was held in Cairo July 17--21, and was attended by nearly all the heads of the thirty-four member states. Malcolm X appealed to the delegates of the thirty-four African nations to bring the cause of the twenty-two million black people in the United States before the United Nations. He distributed a press release on OAAU letterhead on behalf of twenty-two million Afro-Americans in the United States. REPORTER: Malcolm, what is your purpose here? MALCOLM X: Well, my purpose here is to remind the African heads of state that there are 22 million of us in America who are also of African descent, and to remind them also that we are the victims of America's colonialism or American imperialism, and that our problem is not an American problem, it's a human problem. It's not a Negro problem, it's a problem of humanity. It's not a problem of civil rights, but a problem of human rights... Source: Link: For more information on Malcolm X:

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