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  President Bush Addresses the Nation (March 19, 2003)
  President Bush Addresses the Nation (March 19, 2003)about invading Iraq.
  How MOVE met Mumia
  In a recent interview (03/08) MOVE members Mike and Ramona Africa talk about Mumia Abu-Jamal and his relationship to MOVE. This is part of a new video series about the upcoming parole hearings for the eight remaining MOVE prisoners, which are scheduled for early April. Please sign a petition in support of Parole: and send a letter to the Parole Board: This video also features short excerpts from "Justice Denied," "From Death Row, Mumia Abu-Jamal," and the Cohort Media documentary titled "MOVE", viewable here: MOVE is asking for support. For more information, please visit,, or
  Hemportunities: Weeds - A Peaceful Solution
  The US economy is in trouble and hemp can help solve the problem. This webeo is based on the successful demonstration of a hemped economy in the hit Showtime television series WEEDS It shows some of the many economic benefits that come with hemp legalization. Hemp puts the green back into the American greenback dollar. For more information please visit the USA Hemp Musem Music performed by Robert Anton as part of Willie Nelson's Peace Research Institute's A Peaceful Solution
  This is part 1/2 of an edited video of a press conference held on 12/04/07 in Philadelphia, that was organized by Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal. While largely a response to the new book "Murdered By Mumia" written by Maureen Faulkner and Michael Smerconish, the press conference was also used to present the new crime scene photos which were discovered in 2006 by German author Michael Schiffmann (co-founder of Journalists for Mumia) while working on his new book "Race Against Death". This is an edited version, but the full version can also be viewed here: The panelists, in order of appearance were: Hans Bennett, David A. Love, Dave Lindorff, Linn Washington Jr., and Pam Africa. This PART ONE segment features Hans Bennett, David A. Love, and Dave Lindorff. Two days later, NBC's Today Show would spotlight the newly discovered photos on their segment about "Murdered By Mumia," viewable here: Also, be sure to read the Dec. 4 Reuters article about the press conference: For more information about the press conference, including complete audio, please visit: (less)
  In this new interview, Ramona Africa talks about the upcoming MOVE 9 Parole Hearings that are scheduled for April. MOVE is asking for support. Stay tuned for an online petition and sample letter to send to the Parole Board. Visit the new site created for this important time. Ramona Africa is the sole adult survivor of the May 13, 1985 massacre of 11 members of the MOVE organization. The FBI and the City of Philadelphia dropped a C4 bomb on MOVE's Osage Avenue home in West Philadelphia. Both 30-year old Ramona and 13-year old Birdie Africa (the only 2 survivors) report that as the MOVE family attempted to escape their burning home, their were met with massive rounds of automatic gunfire, forcing 11 members of the MOVE family to be burnt alive. Ramona dodged gunfire and escaped from the fire with permanent scarring from the burns. Ramona was charged with conspiracy, riot, and multiple counts of simple and aggravated assault. Subsequently Ramona served 7 years in prison. If she had chosen to sever her ties with MOVE and renounce the teachings of John Africa, she could have been released far earlier. In the face of this she held true to her revolutionary beliefs and was uncompromising in the face of state terror. In his essay, "May 13 Remembered," featured in his book "All Things Censored," Mumia Abu-Jamal writes: "Had Ramona Africa emerged from the sea of flames wrapped in fear, had she not instead escaped with her aura of resistance intact, she would have been free long before the seven years she spent in a hellhole. Her prosecutor, describing MOVE as a cult of resistance, demanded the jury convict her of a range of charges that, if they did so, would have exposed her to fifty years in prison. Only her naturalist faith, the teachings of John Africa, allowed her to competently defend herself, where she beat the majority of the charges. Ramona is "free" today." Since her release from prison, Ramona has tirelessly worked on behalf of the MOVE 9, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and all political prisoners and prisoners of war. She travels around the world, working for the revolution.

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