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  I'm Mostly A New Yorker (DREAM Act)
  I'm Mostly A New Yorker (DREAM Act)
  May Day 2009 Los Angeles (downtown LA march)
  May Day 2009 Los Angeles (downtown LA march)
  2/6: Arizona Sheriff Parades Undocumented Prisoners (Democracy Now!)
  Maricopa County, Ariz, county sheriff is coming under criticism for parading a group of chained undocumented prisoners through the streets of Phoenix. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio rounded up some 200 prisoners before their transfer to the infamous Tent City jail. Arpaio is known for targeting immigrants and arresting them if they cant prove documented residency. Joanne Lin of the American Civil Liberties Union called the latest action an attempt to humiliate the prisoners. (Democracy Now!) RELATED: Chained Immigrants on Parade: Who Will Stand Up to the Sick Antics of a Racist Sheriff?
  1/30 Baltimore, MD: 7-Eleven video said to show ICE immigrant racial profiling (CASA de Maryland)
  CASA de Maryland released video footage on Jan 29, 2009 shows federal agents unfairly targeted Latinos in January 2007 outside a 7-Eleven in Southeast Baltimore. The video, taken from store cameras, captured U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents rounding up 24 men suspected of being undocumented immigrants. Most have since been deported or left the country voluntarily. In the video, agents can be seen ignoring black store patrons while focusing on Latino men. Advocates say a white man who had hired three Latinos for day labor was allowed to drive his pickup truck away from the 7-Eleven, while the three workers were taken into custody. In addition, the advocates say, the video shows agents detaining a number of Latinos who had been waiting at a bus stop across the street from the 7-Eleven, a common hiring spot for day laborers. For more information, visit CASA de Maryland URL: Baltimore Sun report:,0,7974898.story
  1/1 CAIR: Muslim Passengers Removed From DC Flight
  The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said that nine American Muslims, most of them headed to Florida for a vacation with family members, were removed from an AirTran Airways flight Thursday afternoon at Reagan National Airport. The group said the incident began when another passenger complained about something that was said while boarding. Produced by CAIRtv also SEE:
  Immigration to the US, 1820-2007 v2
  Visualization of some immigration data between 1820-2007 by Ian Stevenson, made using Code can be found at
  'The Visitor'Trailer
  "The Visitor" trailer, for more information, please visit:
  La Americana Trailer The official trailer for the new documentary La Americana, by People's Television
  May Day - 2008 Los Angeles, CA
  [1:49 min by: jmendozino] May Day - 2008 in Los Angeles California
  This march was to protest the I.C.E. raids in the Bay Area 1 day after 10,000 people marched for immigrant rights. They seized 63 people from a local restaurant chain!
  My People Are Rising Up
  [1:08 min by: mike baldwin] Immigrant Rights Protest In SF May 1st 2008
  Beyond Borders
  Beyond Borders moves past the headlines and takes an in-depth look at the hot-button issues of legal and illegal immigration. Beyond Borders explores the psychological forces driving the immigration controversy from both sides of the debate. Anti-immigration activists demand we stop this "illegal alien invasion,” while some pro-immigration forces speak of a Reconquista, a reclaiming of the American Southwest by Mexico. In search of a middle ground, Beyond Borders travels across the U.S. and beyond to give voices to those on the front-line of this issue, including candid interviews with Border Patrol agents, radio celebrities, demographers, the Minute Men, potential migrants, and a host of experts including Noam Chomsky (Distorted Morality) and Gustavo Arellano (Ask A Mexican). Beyond Borders is an entertaining and enlightening film that asks: Is migration a basic human right?
  11/11/07: No Border Camp - Binational March from the Mexican Side
  [2:20 min] No Border Camp - Binational March from the Mexican Side, November 11th, 2007
  A Day to Remember - ICE raid on Swift and Company (12/12/06)
  [6:23 min] Short documentary about ICE raid and arrest immigrant workers at Swift and Company, December 12th, 2006.
  Guillermo states to minute man you are out of order Amigo
  [4:16 min downloaded behalf of Lisannmartinez]

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