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  Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere
  Excruciating up-to-the-minute coverage of some irrelevant bullshit story that has no ramifications whatsoever.
  Obama Budget Cuts Visualization
  How much is the $100 million dollars in budget cuts compared to the federal budget as a whole? This video imagines the budget as $100 in pennies to provide the answer. For more on the budget, mathematics and political visualizations, follow me on Twitter: @PoliticalMath
  'Teabaggers' Part 2 - Demand an explanation!
  Why the constant bashing towards President Obama and minorities when the 'movement' should be about taxes? Demand an explanation! Post this video on the tea party wall! FACEBOOK.COM/CUENTAME Length:1:52
  'Teabaggers' Part 1 - Racism
  Teabaggers exposed! Hundreds of people gathered to hear Tom Tancredo spread hate through his speech at the Tea Party convention. The tea party has taken on a racist agenda. Re-post this video on Tom Tancredo's wall and tell him it's NOT ok to spread hate around! Length:2:20
  Haitian Quake Survivors Turn To The Web For Help Up to half a million are feared dead after a massive earthquake struck Haiti. The quake measured 7 on the Richter scale and was the most powerful quake to hit the Caribbean country in more than 200 years. ...
  Pat Robertson Calls Quake 'blessing in Disguise'
  TV Evangelist Pat Robertson made some unusual observations about the Haiti earthquake on his CBN newscast Wednesday, calling the quake a possible blessing and saying the Haitian people are cursed. (Jan .13, 2010)
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 19 ?ubat 2010 Cuma - 6.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 19 ?ubat 2010 Cuma - 4.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 19 ?ubat 2010 Cuma - 2.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 19 ?ubat 2010 Cuma - 1.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 18 ?ubat 2010 Per?embe - 3.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 18 ?ubat 2010 Per?embe - 2.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 17 ?ubat 2010 ?ar?amba - 4.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 17 ?ubat 2010 ?ar?amba - 3.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 17 ?ubat 2010 ?ar?amba - 2.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 17 ?ubat 2010 ?ar?amba - 1.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 16 ?ubat 2010 Sal? - 5.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 16 ?ubat 2010 Sal? - 4.k?s?m
  Ebru ile Payla?t?k?a - 16 ?ubat 2010 Sal? - 1.k?s?m
  [Florian?polis] Tenente-coronel Newton pede votos para D?rio Berger
  Tenente-coronel da Pol?cia Militar de Santa Catarina faz campanha para candidato do PMDB e pede votos para sua tropa.

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