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  Indiarush Sarees Review
  Be the classy diva at every event by wearing this amazing saree from the hub of Get this amazing collection and full stylo tips from our fashion stylist – Anjali Dixit
  Miami International Airport Parking
  Book your parking spot near Miami Interantional Airport at cheap rates and use our 24 hours safe parking options. Florida Economy Parking wants to make your trip smooth and hassle-free.
  Arbitration Lawyers Kochi
  Hire top arbitration lawyers Kochi from the legal firm GGP Law Partners to settle your disputes in an efficient way.
  Family lawyers Belgaum
  Family lawyers Belgaum
  Property lawyers kochi
  Get legal advice from top property lawyers Kochi from the legal firm GGP Law Partners.
  Hotel Industry Magazine USA, Hospitality Magazine
  Andre Russell, Cricketer, Hotel Business Magazine,Hospitality Business, Hospitality Design Trends, Hotel Products Supply, Hotel Business Technology, Hotel Magazine, USA.
  Hannover Messe draws positive balance
  6.550 companies from over 62 countries presented their new technologies at the Hannover Messe 2013. After five days filled with international market innovations for a future industry, the Hannover Messe takes stock and delivers a positive summary.
  The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Integrated Industry
  The Fourth Industrial Revolution – or “Industry 4.0” for short – is redefining the way we interact with machines. Industrial machines are becoming increasingly autonomous as they gain the ability to function independently of human input. One of the first examples of this new generation of machinery is already in use in Germany.
  Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin open HANNOVER MESSE 2013
  HANNOVER MESSE, which this year features 6,500 exhibitors from over 60 nations, is always a spring favorite of Europe’s top political leaders. Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin are about to embark on a journey of discovery that will take in the latest developments in mobility, intelligent networked machines and even a modern-day horseless carriage.
  Libyan citizen filmed having a go with a sniper rifle Firing from a rooftop a citizen uses a sniper rifle to engage regime forces
  What really kept the miners alive?!
  whatch the real story here:
  Seige of Fortress: Goldman-Sachs HLS home demo in DC
  On the 4th of September, Michael Paese, head of government relations for Goldman-Sachs, got a protest outside his home NW near Dupont Circle. Goldman-Sachs just dumped 2/3s of their stock in Fortress but still is holding the other third. Fortress Inc is considered the life support system of puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences, due to the $100M in loans from Fortress that kept them from going bankrupt and shutting down. The Siege of Fortress is beginning to get results!
  HLS protests against Goldman-Sachs, Nomura, Bayer, Sanofi-Aventis
  The Seige of Fortress continues! On August 24, protesters showed up at the DC office of Goldman-Sachs, a major stockholder in Fortress. Fortress Inc made over $100M in loans to puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences, without which HLS would now be bankrupt. After this protest, activsts entered the offices of Nomura, another Fortress stockholder, and finally visited the DC offices of Astra-Zenica and Bayer
  Megaship meets Gigabridge
  The Solitaire is the largest pipelay vessel in the world. Now, on ist way to russian waters, the gigantic workship crossed the longest suspension bridge in Europe: the Storebaeltbridge, which connects the Danish islands of Funen and Zealand.
  Dangerous motorcades
  Anyone who leans out the window, should know what he does. Tests have shown that riders who lean in motorcades from sides or roof windows, have to expect in case of accidents with fatal injuries.
  Baltic Sea Pipeline is ready to start off
  The Nord Stream pipeline across the Baltic Sea is one of Europe's largest energy projects. The total investment of 7.4 billion euro shows the importance of the project for the entire European economic system. At a press conference in London the shareholders now have reported a major success in the financing of the project.
  Nord Stream pipeline Opening Ceremony in Russia
  In presence of Russia's President Dimitri Medvedev the official ceremony for the laying of the Nord Stream pipeline took place in the Russian town of Vyborg. Roughly two 1220 km pipelines will be laid on the bed of the Baltic Sea between the Russian town of Vyborg and the German town of Lubmin. More than 200.000 single pipes need to be welded together, each of the 12 m long pipes has a diameter of 1,4 m and weighs about 24 tons. With start of the heating season 2011 the first gas will flow through the pipeline.
  Hollywood bosses About Tiger Woods New Movie Scandal.
  Tiger Woods battle has been on to dramatise the scandal for the Big Screen.Tiger Woods makes a great movie because people love the drama of seeing someone really successful fall from the top and then.
  Dakar on Snow ??Countdown to Defending the Title
  The terrain is rather unusual for presenting a Dakar Rally team, but three weeks before the rally is due to begin in Argentina, Volkswagen?? racing division has descended on the Austrian village of Flachau. Even the gods relented at the last moment, sending snow from the heavens. Not the best road surface for the participants of the desert rally, which starts on 1 January 2010, to practise on, but certainly ideal for the team presentation. A fantastic atmosphere and plenty of fun are definitely what count for that.

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